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Happy Anniversary!

December 8, 2017

Happy Anniversary!

Today marks one year since I launched my blog Married to Crohns. My goodness time goes by so quickly. A lot has happened in the past 12 months.


Let’s recap!


December 2016, I launched my website and blog. During this time, I was (patiently) waiting for my surgery date. You see, I was going through the worst flare up I had ever experienced. I was in extreme pain, hardly eating and spending most of my days… and nights, in the bathroom.

January 2017, I had my big surgery. The surgery I had been waiting for. Desperately needing. I weighed in at 77lbs the day before my surgery. I spent two weeks at Mount Sinai Hospital in Toronto, away from my husband and kids. Toughest time yet, but absolutely worth it!

February 2017, I met the wonderful founder of Our Wings to Fight, the non-profit organization raising money for Crohn’s and Colitis Research. She connected with me over Facebook after coming across my page and blog. I am blessed to have met her and the rest of the committee. These amazing people have become family to me. During this month, I also increased my weight back to 105lbs!

March 2017, I continued on my path to remission. My weight was increasing, as was my energy. I celebrated the birthdays of both my children and met a woman who I now call my Crohnie Sister! Sometimes this disease has its silver linings. During this month, I also made the big decision to leave my job of almost 10 years to focus more on my health and family. It wasn’t an easy decision, but very happy I made it.

April 2017, I participated in my first Casino Bus trip with the team from Our Wings to Fight – what an adventure! Such a great day spent with great people. During this month, I continued on my health journey when I began practicing Yoga again.

May 2017, the month I got SHINGLES! The WORST pain I have ever felt! The most UNCOMFORTABLE feeling ever. I pray I never get it again, but thanks to my weak immune system, it’s a possibility I will get it again. During this month I had the pleasure of gaining another new friend in my life. #thankful

June 2017, I turned 30! The BIG 3 0 ! I celebrated with family and friends over delicious food and amazing cake from Bunners in Toronto. My best friend and I spent time together at the New Kids on the Block concert, a tradition we want to continue! During this month I took a lot of time to reflect on my life. Where I was, where I came from, what and who I’ve left behind, as well as who I’ve gained and what I’ve accomplished.

July 2017, the month I went camping for the first time in over 10 years. It was also the first time I had publicly showed off my surgical scar by wearing a bikini. A bikini I had not worn since 2011! It was a big step for me, a scary one, but so glad I did. I am very proud of my scar, without it, I wouldn’t be here today. And if I were here, I’d be a very small, sick woman.

August 2017, was a month of adventures. I spent time at the cottage, trips to Canada’s Wonderland, the CNE, my first time to VeganFest in Toronto and it was also the month of final preparations for the big Gala in September.

September 2017, I participated in my first Gala with Our Wings to Fight. I had the opportunity to not only help in the planning process, but I also had the pleasure of speaking that night. I shared my crohn’s story with just under 500 people. Many tears were shed that night for me, however, it was extremely rewarding to give this illness a voice. I also met some amazing people that night too! During this month, I also launched my new business venture, Nicole Marques Marketing. But the most amazing news of all, was when I got the official word that I was now in REMISSION!

October 2017, I had my first client event! It was very exciting to help launch Style by Sheyda and to get my feet wet into the event & marketing world. During this month I continued to grow my business and for the first time since 2012 I was able to attend my good friend’s Halloween party. For some, this isn’t news worthy, but for me, mom of two, who had been living else were for two years and sick for another year, this was BUZZ worthy! It was such a fabulous night. The most fun I had in years!

November 2017, I took a weekend trip back to Winnipeg to visit my friends. It was a much-needed weekend away, to myself. I had missed these people so much! I came back feeling refreshed and ready to partake in the next Casino Bus with Our Wings to Fight. At the end of November, I lost a wonderful soul. A friend of mine passed away. Although I had not seen her about 10 years, she had made such profound impact on my life, I never forgot her. The blessing from this, was that I was able to reconnect with a group of fabulous women, who I also hadn’t seen in many years. Life has a funny way of working out sometimes.  

And here we are again.


This past year has brought many tears, much stress, but also, great joy. New friendships were made. I found happiness again. I’m looking forward to the next year of adventures.


Thank you for taking this ride with me.


Thank you to those who have stood by my side, even at my worst. It’s been during those times I’ve needed you the most, and during those times I will never forget the sacrifices made for me.


Cheers to another year!



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