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Eat It Forward

August 28, 2017

A couple of weeks ago myself and my friend Jenna took a drive... a long drive... to Uxbridge, Ontario to visit Eat It Forward - a health food store owned by holistic nutritionist Miranda Malisani. 

Eat It Forward is a destination in Uxbridge, Ontario and an online store for premium health foods and lifestyle products to fuel you forward. The focus of Eat It Forward is nourishment - nourishment of mind, body and soul through the simple art of eating and giving. You can expect only hand-selected products that are designed for healthy, active families and individuals. While giving to yourself by choosing these nutritionally superior products you will also be giving to help nourish others. With your support, every month Eat it Forward will be donating a portion of sales in the form of health foods to a food bank in need


I ordered their August Subscription Box and went to pick it up - while there, Jenna and I had the opportunity to check out what else was carried at the store. For a small store, in size, they sure do care a large amount of AMAZING product! 


***If you follow me on Instagram - then you've already seen me unwrap my box***


Here are some of the item from the August Box;


I've already used the essential oils spray - it's so soothing! While the family and I were at the cottage, I was able to use the bug bite balm - which the kids loved! No pain, no stinging, no itch. 


Recently I've started to use the Hemp seeds in our morning smoothies - which I will continue to use! 


I'm really happy a place like this exits! Not only for my purpose and use, but for those who Eat It Forward is giving back to. Although it's a bit of drive from Toronto, it's a great adventure and I'm happy to be a part of something wonderful.


I'm looking forward to picking up my September Box! This time Jenna and I will be exploring more of Uxbridge!



Contributors to the August Box:  

Moonflower's Metaphysical Store and Healing Center

Progressive Nutritional

That Dam Tea


Kozlik's Canadian Mustard

Skratch Labs

Ojibwei Health Products


Simple Squares

Pure Encapsulations


Floating Leaf


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