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The Temptation Is Real

April 17, 2017

Happy Easter! I hope you all had a lovely Easter weekend. My kids had such a great weekend. We celebrated their Great- Grandma’s 90th birthday amongst many other Easter festivities. The weather was beautiful, as was the company. But can we just be real for a moment. I am going insane! 

  My house is filled with chocolates. CHOCOLATES. Chocolates in which I cannot eat. I shouldn’t eat. But I want to eat. Very much want to eat. As most of you know, I cannot have any dairy. 100% of the chocolate in this house is milk chocolate. WHY!? I’ve been tempted by cake this weekend and many Easter desserts. I am staying strong.

 I had a few bites of cake on Saturday (because apparently, it’s bad luck not to eat someone’s birthday cake, and frankly, I don’t need anymore bad luck) but, I paid for that with many trips to the bathroom Saturday evening. My kids are starting to pick up on the fact that I cannot eat everything they eat, so they stop asking if I want any. God bless them, they are so good with sharing.












How do you handle saying NO to yourself and others when it comes to temptations?


This is the first big holiday since my surgery. It’s been tough. I’ve been seeing many friends and family these past few days and everyone has such wonderful compliments for me, especially regarding my weight. But I’m still being offered tons of food and treats that I just cannot eat. It’s so hard to say no, but the reality is, I just can’t eat it. I don’t want to spend the night in pain, in the bathroom, in the fetal position. So instead of saying that to people, I kindly smile and say, “oh no thank you, I can’t eat that, thank you so much though”.


It’s funny, I guess, how everyone assumes because I had surgery to remove the Crohn’s Disease from my bowels, that I’m suddenly cured and can eat whatever I want. True story, I CAN’T! Please don’t sound confused or be offended when I say no to your food or gifts. Believe me, I want to eat everything, all the time. But I don’t want, is another two weeks in the hospital and eight weeks recovering from surgery. There is no cure for Crohn’s Disease. I carry a gene that can develop again into an active flare up. This is the last thing I want.

Thank you all for spoiling my children this Easter weekend. They deserve it! But please don’t offer me anymore food.


With all that being said, I am saving myself for one temptation. I am risking it all for a slice of my Vavo’s delicious massa. Massa is a sweet bread, made at Easter. It’s the most amazingly, perfectly sweet, fresh, soft slice of bread. How can I not have a slice? I’ll just ignore the high amount of gluten and butter and milk and sugar that’s in it… I’ll let you know how it turns it out… how I turn out!


Happy Easter!


Nicole Marques





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