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A Day of Love

February 14, 2017

Today is Valentine’s Day and it got me thinking about how much effort we put in to showing our partners, children, parents, teachers and friends just how much we love them. We buy beautiful cards, we spend money on flowers, chocolates and treats. We make plans to spend time together and go to expensive dinners. All for the sake of Valentine’s Day.


What effort do you put in to show yourself you are loved… by you?


Self love can be one of the hardest things to do. We tend to focus on the negative pieces of ourselves. I know exactly what it feels like to be your toughest critic, to blame yourself for the simplest mistakes and to carry guilt with you all day. Over the years, I’ve had to cut the negative people out of my life and I’ve had to start trusting the people in my life who continue to lift me up, who believe in me and who encourage me. When will I start believing myself?


Here are some ways we can all start loving ourselves;


     1. Get rid of negative influences in your life

These people are the one’s who make you question changes in your life – “Are you sure you want to date him?” “I don’t think you should take that promotion, it’s going to be stressful”-  They want to keep you down, so they can feel superior to you.


     2. Take more time to do the things you want to do

Do you love to bake? BAKE! Do you love travelling – BOOK YOUR NEXT TRIP! Do you love drawing? Get that sketch book out! Whatever it is, start doing it. It’s such a wonderful feeling taking time out of the day to do something for YOU.


     3. Take a step out of your comfort zone

Making new friends can be tough, but put yourself out there and meet new people. Don’t be afraid to ask your boss for that promotion if you feel you deserve it. Join a local club. Change your hair colour. Don’t be afraid to try something new!


     4. Be active

It’s proven that when a person is active they are happier. No one says you need to spend a ton of money and join the gym – go for daily walks, take a run. Visit a new park and explore. Take the stairs at the subway station instead of the escalator. Walk to the store instead of driving. It will change your life!


     5. Meditate

You don’t need to leave your house to do this (unless you want to!) There are so many apps you can download to help you get into a meditative state (I use Relax Sounds, Headspace & Calm) Take 10-15 minutes each day (or longer) to be alone, and meditate. It’s tough at first to shut out the thoughts in your head, but over time you feel so relaxed and calm – it will absolutely take you to another world.


     6. Compliment yourself

Next time you get dressed and look at yourself in the mirror, smile, tell yourself “Dam I look good!” When you do your makeup, or wash your face, take a look in the mirror, smile and point out one feature you like about yourself. The next day, point out a different feature.


     7. Fill your body with the right foods – but don’t forget to treat yourself!

Food can affect your mood, your health, your behaviours, your sleep and so much more. Filling your body with the right food, healthier foods, will dramatically change your mood. You will sleep better, have more energy and be happier. But don’t forget to treat yourself to your favourite food!


     8. Seek help, if help is needed

If you are having a really hard time loving yourself. It’s okay. Talk to your doctor. See a therapist. Talk a friend. Get some help. You are not alone in feeling this way.


So, on this day of love, take a moment to tell yourself, “I love you. I am enough. I am worth it. I am loved”.


Happy Valentine’s Day!


Nicole Marques

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