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In Two Weeks

December 29, 2016


Two weeks from now I will be laying on the operating table under going the procedure I’ve been waiting for since October. In a week from now, I will be sitting in a hospital bed writing about the procedure being a week away.


I am starting to feel over whelmed. It was an emotional Christmas for me, unlike any other. I cried a lot. Sad tears, happy tears. Sad with the thought of moments I might miss. Happy that I was able to spend the Holidays with my husband and children.


I have begun making a list of items I want to bring with me. Yesterday, I took down all the Christmas decorations at home and have begun marking important dates and information on the calendar for my husband, as a friendly reminder of events during my time away.


I am thankful for the friends and family who have been making plans with me prior to January 4th. Thankful for them checking in on how I am feeling, offering help to Richard for when I am not home, and for those who have been sending gifts and care packages for me to use in the hospital. I am set up with two books to read, colouring books, Sudoku, an Ipad to watch Netflix, comfy pajamas, warm socks, slippers and an oh so fluffy, warm blanket. THANK YOU!  


As much as this is “about me”, it is so far from just me. My upcoming hospital stay is greatly effecting my husband’s stress level and we have been trying to explain to the kids what is happening. My oldest child understands. He says things like, “It’s okay Mommy, the doctor is going to fix your tummy at the hospital and I will take care of you at home.” God Bless his little heart. My youngest only understands that Mommy won’t be home for awhile, that I’ll be at the hospital instead. She is sad when we talk about it, but I told her she can always have Daddy call me and I will sing a song to her at night.


Needless to say, I am looking forward to spending the next few nights with my family and taking this all in. I think we all are. We are having a (quiet) evening at home for New Years Eve –as quiet as it can be with two children, playing games & watching movies.


Take a moment to tell those important to you just how much you love them. Hug them a little longer at night. If this year has taught me anything, it’s that tomorrow is never promised, friendships can overcome distance and family is everything.

Nicole Marques


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