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It's a Date!

December 19, 2016

Friday afternoon I got the call of a life time. Sounds it’s exciting, right? For someone who’s been waiting about two months for this call, it absolutely is exciting.


My surgeon’s office called and they’ve finally, officially, selected a time and day for my big day.

My surgery.


Thursday, January 12th. The day that will, forever, hopefully in a positive light, change my life forever.


I have never had surgery before. Both my children were delivered vaginally. I still have my appendix and my tonsils. I’ve been sedated many times forever for colonoscopies, or when I had my wisdom teeth taken out, but never surgery. Needless to say, I am nervous.


Anxious. Excited. Eager. Scared.


I am not scared of going under, being cut open or even the fact that pieces of my body, my insides, are being removed. I am scared of what I will wake up to. Will all my small bowel be removed? Perhaps only 10 inches, maybe it’ll be 40 inches or more. What will I feel like when I wake up? Will I instantly feel pain? Feel empty?


I won’t know all the details of my surgery until I am admitted. Admission will be one week prior to the surgery as I need IV treatment to prepare me for recovery.


Oh the joys of being under 80lbs and malnourished!


At the end of the phone call, I hung up and cried. Cried with relief, that finally, a date was set and I would know when my health would start turning around for me. For the better.


Xo Nicole Marques xo


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